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GB Ambassadors 2017


What is a GB Ambassador?

A GB Ambassador is someone who we, as a community, trust to carry our beloved Red Shield with pride. They have an obligation to leave a legacy, holding the Red Shield to a higher standard than when they began their journey as a GB Ambassador. We entrust them to keep our legacy alive. They have demonstrated a commitment to give back to our community that gave so much to them. They will pave the way for future generations. We recognise these individuals for their commitment, love, respect and continuous support to both members of Gracie Barra and the wider community. They honour our predecessors every day by being exemplary members of our GB community. This honour comes with great responsibility.

Through the GB Ambassador Program in 2016, these 12 students earned their right to represent Gracie Barra as Ambassadors. We are proud to announce our GB Ambassadors for 2017! Click on the Ambassador to find out more about them!

Male Brown Belt









Male Purple Belt






Female Blue Belt









Male Blue Belt


Have a look at the GB Ambassadors for 2017 in action, and have a look at our GB Awards Night 2016, where we recognised the fantastic achievement and effort of everyone at Gracie Barra Oceania!

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