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GB Training Day – Queensland

Support your team, help to change our GB athlete’s life, improve your game and represent the Red Shield!

Gracie Barra Oceania is hosting a special event exclusive to GB team members. We are bringing the team together for an epic event to support and value our Gracie Barra athletes for competitions. We created a system where all the GB involved will benefit from this project.


This day will involve our GB Oceania members of all ages learning from our black belts. The entire registration fee will go towards the GB Oceania Ambassador Program. All funds raised from this event will go directly to the GB Oceania Ambassador Program! All the funds generated from our classes for our GB Kids will go towards the Kids GB Oceania Ambassador Program. All the funds generated from our adult classes will be allocated to the Adults GB Oceania Ambassador Program.

This day will be a whole load of fun, with a chance for the entire GB community to come together and celebrate our family! It will also be a great chance for everyone to take some great group photos!



The best anti-bullying program in the world!  The kids will learn techniques to prevent the traumatic effects of bullying.





Train hard and have fun.  A class designed to push our GB Kids in a competitive and safe environment with our GB Black Belts and Coaches.





Share and Learn. A class where we bring all the GB Black Belts together to share their knowledge and skills with all GB Students.


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Date: Sunday 5th August

Location: GB Burleigh Heads, 13/475 Scottsdale Drive, Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4227


9am to 10am – Kids Anti-Bullying Class

10am to 12pm – Kids Competition Class

2pm to 5pm – Adults Black Belt Seminar