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  • GB Weekly Training Plan for 02/02 – 02/08 week5

    GB WTP

    Week 05

    Since 1986 Gracie Barra has been shattering records, innovating and contributing to the expansion and professionalization of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are a ...

  • A Great Training Method For Your Takedowns A Great Training Method For Your Takedowns

    Many bjj students also supplement their training with judo, and many bjj blackbelts also hold advanced ranks in judo.
    During my last training trip to Gracie Barra in Rio de Janeiro, every class included some training in standup techniques.

  • BJJ for the Un-“Ideal” BJJ for the Un-Ideal-

    Tailor your game to your body.  You cannot wear clothes that don’t fit. =)

    If you are struggling with your own growth and find yourself wishing that you got them legs as long as a Victoria’s Secret model, ...

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